The Taman Ujung Water Palace is an astounding architectural wonder. A breathtaking combination of bathing pools and sophisticated waterways, thriving tropical garden and intricate manmade structures, it is filled with ancient Balinese statues, elaborate stone carvings, and hidden pathways set against a natural panoramic backdrop of Mount Agung to the north and the blue horizon to the east where the sea meets the sky.

The park sprawls across 10 hectares and is located just 11km away from the capital of Amlapura. In the days gone by, the royals of Karangasem would bathe in its pools, walk and play in its garden and rest in its floating pavilions. Honoured dignitaries and visitors to the Karangasem Kingdom were invited to the park to partake in its splendor. Every feature within the complex bears proof of a successful and impressive combination of both Balinese and European architecture.

Today, the Taman Ujung Soekasada is open to the public. It has become a favourite destination for local and international tourists as well as photographers and couples seeking for a unique location for photoshoots and event venues.