Site Location & Geography

The site where Taman Ujung Water Palace sits today was carefully selected by the late King as location plays important roles to the lives of the Hindu Bali, whether cosmologically, spiritually and physically. If you were to make an observation, you’ll notice that the Taman Ujung Water Palace sits in the centre where the mountains meet the sea – Mount Lempuyang to the northeast, Mount Agung to the west, and the sea or the Lombok Strait to the east which are only a few dozen meters apart. The concept of mountain-sea is highly respected and is often applied by traditional communities within the archipelago. It is seen as a place with “living water” or a meeting place between the Mountain Lord and the Lord of the Sea so as to produce prosperity (life) on earth. This sacred concept is symbolically represented within the 4 ponds in the Taman Ujung Water Palace.